Our Team

The Team

The HVRT comprises of a lead researcher and research assistants.

silviyaDr Silviya Doneva is the lead researcher of the HVRT. She holds a PhD in Experimental Cognitive Psychology from the University of Essex. Before joining the team, she conducted academic research on a number of topics, including human visual attention, joint action and stuttering. Alongside her work on veterans’ health, Dr Doneva continues to collaborate with colleagues from the University of Suffolk on her academic research on adult stuttering.


Lauren Binnie is the research assistant at the HVRT. She is studying an MSc in Clinical Neuroscience and has previous research experience both in the UK and Canada. Before joining the team, she worked as a neuroscience researcher on topics including memory, sleep and consciousness. Prior to her work in research, she worked as a carer for veteran Service Personnel and as a therapist at the National Institute of Mental Health in Sri Lanka.

OliviaOlivia Pounds is a research assistant at the HVRT.  She completed her MSc in Neuroscience, from the University of Sussex in 2016. Preceding her work at the HVRT she worked in a laboratory as a research scientist for a charity that was established to help servicemen who had been severely burnt during deployment. Additionally, she has experience in drug discovery and within a neuropsychiatric clinic, where she administered neuropsychological assessments to patients with medially undiagnosed symptoms. Olivia’s post has been funded by Supporting Wounded Veterans.



Left to right: Lauren, Silviya and Olivia.

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