Medical Advisory Committee

The objective of the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) is to promote the long-term health of the Armed Forces Community by providing independent and impartial medical advice on matters affecting veterans’ health.

The MAC does not have an advocacy remit, but it provides advice when requested by the British Members’ Council (BMC), the Confederation of British Service Charities (Cobseo), the Service charities, the Armed Forces Clinical Reference Group (AFCRG) and others.

Additionally, it also proactively brings issues affecting the health of Service personnel and veterans to the attention of the appropriate bodies where threats to health have been identified. This might include providing comments on recent research findings or news in the press relevant to the health of the Armed Forces Community, and any resulting suggestions on areas for research by the appropriate body.

As the MAC does not have its own infrastructure, its meetings are hosted by the Royal British Legion, while the Health of Veterans Research Team (HVRT) is based at King Edward VII’s Hospital.

Click here to download the MAC Terms of Reference.

Learn more about who sits at the MAC members and what happens at the MAC meetings.



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