King Edward VII’s Hospital

King Edward VII’s Hospital is a charity-registered private hospital in Marylebone, London. The Hospital has a strong military heritage dating back to its foundation in 1899 as a hospital for the officers returning from the Second Boer War. kevii

1899 – founded by Agnes Keyser and her sister Fanny

1901 – the first patron of the Hospital was King Edward VII

1904 – officially became King Edward VII’s Hospital for Officers

1948 – moved to its current address at Beaumont Street and was reopened by Queen Mary

2000 – name changed to King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes

King Edward VII’s Hospital (KEVII) supports veterans’ health by providing medical care, supporting veterans financially for treatment at the hospital, and through a pain management programme.

With established core values of exceptional nursing care and a commitment to all ranks of Service personnel,  KEVII has provided consistent clinical excellence for over 100 years.

The Hospital has preserved its connection with the military, and it now offers military grants and subsidies for all ranks in the Armed Forces which can cover up to 100% of their hospital treatment depending on eligibility in order to promote veterans’ health.


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