There has been a lot of speculation as to what are the most common health conditions that veterans and serving personnel suffer from. Importantly, these also differ from country to country and change in different periods. Additionally, research reports often discuss a single problem or an array of related conditions which makes it difficult to see the whole picture.

Therefore, we compiled the present section to provide an easy to understand visual representation of the most common physical and mental health conditions among UK veterans and Service personnel. It aims to serve as an informational resource for sufferers and their families, care providers, researchers or anyone who is interested in understanding the size of the problem.

Below are the topics we have currently researched and provided statistics on. Health data has been compiled from The Annual Population Survey (APS); the UK Armed Forces and Reserve Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) and a MoD report on the Annual Medical Discharges in the UK Regular Armed Forces 2010/11 – 2014/15. Additionally, the last section provides the number of casualties and fatalities in one of the recent theatres of operation, prepared by the Chair of the MAC, Dr Robin Cordell.

A comparison of the long term conditions suffered by veterans and civilians

The most common reasons for veterans claiming and AFCS compensation

Reasons for Medical Discharge

Casualties and Fatalities of UK Military in Afghanistan

Casualties and Fatalities of UK Military in Iraq

Fatalities from other recent conflicts

Conditions claimed for under the War Pension Scheme

We will be adding more information to this section in the future.

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