April 2017

17th April – 23rd April 2017

Improved Mental Health Services for Veterans provided by NHS England


NHS England has recently launched improved mental health services for veterans, following the feedback of a nationwide survey highlighting the need for the NHS to have a greater effort in this area. Improvements include a greater focus on the recognition of mental health problems in veterans and to ensure that early access to treatment and support is provided. Further improvements, where appropriate, include greater help with employment, reducing alcohol consumption, housing and social support. These services are also now available for service personnel approaching discharge, allowing for early interventions.


SAVE THE DATE: Demobbed: the Reality of Veteran Mental Health in the UK

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On the 16th May 2017, Forces in Mind Trust will support Queen Mary University of London, with their hosting of a half-day event. The program is set to include talks by numerous international researchers, policy makers and commentators, including Kate Davies OBE (NHS England), Matthew Green (journalist and author) and Professor Edgar Jones (Kings College London). They will focus on discussing and exploring themes around the complex question of how veterans, who have experienced psychological trauma during conflict, are able to transition back into civilian society.


 A Pilot study into Supporting Veterans in the Criminal Justice System

Anglia Ruskin    FiMT

The Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) and Anglia Ruskin University have recently run a pilot study and identified how veterans, who are in the criminal justice system, can be better supported.  The report focuses on data collected from Project Nova, a scheme set up to provide advice, support and guidance to ex-military personnel in police custody. The pilot study highlights Project Nova as successful in helping reduce reoffending rates and that early intervention and contact with mentors was particularly beneficial.


Conference: Frontiers in Traumatic Brain Injury


In July 2017, Imperial College London will host a two day event aiming to discuss topics relevant to traumatic brain injury (TBI). The aim is to bring together expertise from different areas of TBI to discuss advances in research. Due to the diversity of TBI spreading across a wide spectrum of disciplines, speakers will be from various different backgrounds including sport, military, neurodegeneration and psychology.

Click here if you would also like to read a recent review by HVRT, with regards to TBI in the military.

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