Health of Veterans’ Research Team

The HVRT is a new research evaluation group resulting from the collaboration between the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) and King Edward VII’s (KEVII) Hospital.

Main purposes

1.Reactive Role

  • Build and sustain impartial evidence on issues affecting veterans’ health.
  • Produce research reports on current issues affecting veterans’ health.
  • Draw information from academic journal articles and official Ministry of Defence reports.
  • Respond to queries.

2.Proactive Role

  • Identify gaps in existing literature.
  • Detect potential threats to veterans’ health.

3.Conducting research for KEVII’s Hospital

  • Data analysis and research.


Our reviews are used to support the MAC and to advise the Confederation of British Service Charities (Cobseo), the Service charity sector, and relevant government institutions.


We feature information about our meetings with collaborators as well as current news on veterans’ health on our News page.

All of our work can be found on our Research page.

You can also find out about who we work with on our Links page.

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