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About Your Freedom of Choice

Healthcare prices are going up, which affects Member out-of-pocket costs and the amounts they contribute to share in each other’s expenses. To help keep Member costs down, we are utilizing a fair and reasonable Sharing methodology.

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As a OneShare Health Member, we give you the freedom to choose a healthcare Provider; to go to any hospital or Facility you’d like! That way, we can help lower Out-of-Pocket expenses for your care and stretch your healthcare dollars. 

To bring you this no-restriction freedom of choice, we facilitate sharing at a Fair and Reasonable Amount for Eligible Inpatient, Outpatient, Hospital, Surgery Center, or Clinical Lab Facility care! 

What is Fair and Reasonable Sharing?

Fair and Reasonable Sharing is our model that reimburses Providers at a fair price when compared to services performed. We lower Member costs for most services by using a percentage above Medicare allowable.

In most cases, the Provider will accept this initial sharing amount as payment-in-full. However, if a Provider insists on charging our Members more than the initial sharing amount and sends them another bill, we’ve got their back! OneShare Health's trained team of Coordinators will contact the Members’ Provider and work toward a resolution that doesn’t leave them holding the bag.

How to Find or Choose Your Doctor


At OneShare Health, our Members are not restricted to an In-Network/Out-of-Network requirement when it comes to Physicians and Facilities. You are free to see your selected Provider.

  However, to maximize your Program, receive care from whoever you want without restriction, and stretch your healthcare dollar further, our Members can follow this simple Freedom of Choice Guide! 


Step 1. Visit Smart Virtual Care: Remember that Smart Virtual Care visits are always 100% shared at OneShare Health; It's your go-to for common ailments! 

Step 2. Find Your Doctor: When Smart Virtual Care doesn’t fit, you can choose to see any Provider you want! Your OneShare Health Program uses the My Choice Provider Locator for doctor services. 

Not seeing your doctor in the My Choice Provider Locator? Not a problem! See your selected Provider, anyway. Providers will call OneShare Health to verify your Membership, and our trained team of Coordinators will take care of the rest.   

Step 3. Find a Facility: We provide cost sharing to any accommodating Inpatient, Outpatient, Hospital, Surgery Center, or Clinical Lab Facility for Eligible services under your chosen Program. If you need to schedule services at one of these settings, call OneShare Health at least 10 days before your visit so we can help you find a Facility.



Need More Help?

Contact Member Support at (855) 699-1274 or via email at, or visit our Knowledge Base! 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the primary difference between First Health and Provider Choice?

    As of May 15, 2022, Members are no longer restricted to an In-Network/Out-of-Network Provider requirement when it comes to Physicians and Facilities. As a OneShare Health Member, you are empowered with Freedom of Choice when searching for medical care and are provided with tools to help you navigate and actively participate in your healthcare decisions.  

    Go see your selected Provider. Providers will call OneShare Health to verify your Membership, and our trained team of Specialists will take care of the rest. 


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  • What do I do if the Provider is unwilling to accept OneShare or requires payment “up front”?

    Tell your Provider that you are a Member of a Health Care Sharing Ministry which will process your bills for sharing. Provide them with your new Member ID Card, which contains all the information they will need to contact OneShare Health and send in bills for processing. 


    Please do not pay any bills unless required to do so at the time of service. If payment is required by the Provider that day, make sure you are charged the self-pay or cash-pay rate, which should be much less than the usual billed charges. If you do pay a bill on the date of service, keep all your records to send directly to OneShare for processing.  


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  • How do I explain my Program services to my Provider? 

    If you choose not to use a doctor listed in the My Choice Provider Locator, it is still important to have a conversation with them about your Program and how they will be reimbursed. Advocate for your Program by explaining it is a Member-driven option that allows you to choose any Provider. 


    In rare instances, a doctor not listed in the My Choice Provider Locator will insist on receiving their full billed charge and refuse to negotiate with OneShare, leaving a Member with some additional sharing responsibility. 


    Learn more about how to talk to your physician about your Program, we even have talking points for you here!